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Because it’s the Best Choice

Why Moissanite is a Better Choice than Diamond

for Fine Jewelry

It’s about the symbol

Engagement and wedding rings have sentimental value, they serve as a symbol. Accordingly, you’re best served by purchasing a high quality ring that meets this criteria at the lowest possible cost. The cost, the quality and the durability of moissanite make it much more attractive than diamond.

Nearly flawless

All moissanite gems are near flawless. Because moissanite is laboratory made, it is easy to control the quality of the product that is produced. Instead of selling anything that comes out of the ground, flawed moissanite can be identified and discarded. This means the moissanite you buy will be a much better quality stone than a more expensive diamond.

Spend more on the setting

Spend less on the stone and spend more on the setting. People notice the setting more than the stone itself. The lower cost of moissanite means more options for making the ring unique while keeping it within your budget. Custom design, side stones, crafted bands, and bezel-set accents are all extras you can now afford.

Easy to pay off

Because of it’s low cost, you’ll be able to pay cash for moissanite. This means even more savings, because no credit card is needed

No debts

Don’t start your married life in debt. It’s often said that financial issues are the biggest cause of arguments and difficulties in a marriage, sometimes leading all the way to divorce. Doesn’t it make sense to ensure you and your wife-to-be are in the black as soon as humanly possible? Saving for a down payment, creating an emergency fund, and putting aside money to invest are all substantially easier when you’re not paying hundreds of dollars a month to the lending institution that financed the diamond purchase.

More bling

You get more bling for your buck. Given a fixed budget, you have far more creative options with moissanite than you do with diamond. Want a 2 carat solitaire? Go for it! Custom design also becomes a very affordable option. Design a ring that fits your fiancée perfectly! Your bride-to-be will love the fact that you put your creativity into the purchase, and she’ll love telling her friends what good taste you have.

Looks just like a diamond

Other people will assume the ring is made of diamond, since they won’t be able to tell the difference. I’m not one to pass something off as another, but the reality is that people are so brainwashed about diamonds that everyone who sees your fiancée’s ring will assume it is made out of diamond. (Most of the time, it’s not worth explaining to them it’s not.) In the 6 months my fiancée has had her ring, 100% of the people who have seen it think it’s diamond. If you’re worried about a “loss in prestige” if someone notices, rest assured that other people will never know unless you tell them. (Note: do not try to buy your fiancée a moissanite ring and pass it off as a diamond. Honesty is key – talk to her about it first.)

No blood money

You can rest assured that your hard-earned money isn’t subsidizing African warlords. Sleep easy – no innocent people were killed in the creation of your fine jewelry.